Red Texture Bricks

Red Texture bricks were hugely popular in the Mid 20th Century. They gave homes a deep velvet appearance and rich opulence.

While they have fallen out of fashion, their renaissance is about to dawn again. More and more people are wanting to restore or add to their Mid Century  heritage home in a sympathetic way.

Lincoln Brickworks are the experts in Red Texture Bricks. The reason why Lincoln Brickworks have the best bricks for matching is that we are using the same machinery, clays and wood firing techniques that created the originals. You just can’t get better. So please get in touch with us if you have a project that needs red textured bricks to be matched.

Our Red Texture bricks come in many shades of red. From deep crimson to lighter terracotta. This variation depends on the clay and how high the bricks sit in the kiln. They are also available in a full face texture or with a smooth edges, known as the arris.


  • 230 Regular - 230mm long x 76mm high x 110mm wide


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