Making wood-fired bricks with 100% waste fuel

Lincoln Brickworks produce environmentally sustainable wood-fired bricks. We do not use natural or LPG gas as a fuel source. We hand make our bricks in wood-fired kilns using 100% waste fuel. This timber fuel is sourced from ‘Machins Saw Mill’ located in our town of Wingham. When milling timber, the outer edges of the log are unusable for timber products. This waste would normally be burned or used for fire wood.  The remaining fuel component comes from waste oil, sourced from local garages and takeaway stores. 

In 2010 a new kiln was installed which reduced our CO2 emissions by 67%. The last audited measurement was 1,407 tonnes per annum. This combined with our fuel choice, means that our brick production makes a close to zero contribution to greenhouse gases. 

Maintenance on recycled oil burners

Considering quality, durability, efficiency and maintenance. 

In addition to helping our community to dispose of wood and oil waste in a environmentally friendly way, we are also supplying a high quality end product that lasts for generations. The embodied energy of our bricks is justified by their durability, their use in adaptable buildings and that they contribute to lower operating costs.  As dry pressed bricks are solid, their large amounts of thermal mass can significantly reduce heating and cooling needs in well designed and insulated passive solar buildings. Bricks are low maintenance eliminating the need for painting and the use of coatings that are high in volatile organic compounds and chemicals that pollute in their manufacture and disposal. 

Sourcing raw materials locally.

Lincoln brickworks is fortunate to be located close to some of the best clay shale seams in Australia. This provides us with an amazing variety of colours. We are renowned for our red and cream clays that are not only on trend but perfect for brick matching. Sourcing our clays locally reduces transport miles and associated emissions. 

Recycling masonry material.

Not all bricks turn out the way we plan. The bricks that are rejected by our quality control are crushed and added back into the next mix. Known as ‘Grog’, it adds a gritty, rustic texture called “tooth”. The coarse particles open the wet ‘green’ clay and aid in reducing shrinkage and even drying. 

We are passionate about moving towards a sustainable future. Lincoln Brickworks has worked hard to improve the environmental performance of our brick making factory. Talk to Michael Baker at Lincoln Brickworks today, on +61 400 648 108.