Lincoln Blue Mottle

The deepest brick in our range. Lincoln Blue Mottle has a unique variance in colour. It is our most popular brick for new architectural builds.

Lincoln Blue Mottle is inspired by the clinker bricks from the interwar era. These bricks became fashionable in the Californian Bungalow and Arts and Crafts houses of the 1920’s and 30’s. Their distinctive shiny metallic surface was a result of the traditional kilns having varying temperature. The hottest part producing  a brick that is  denser, heavier, water-resistant and durable. At Lincoln Brickworks we still fire bricks in this traditional way. Lincoln Blue Mottle is a solid dry pressed brick with colours that range from deep chocolate to metallic purple and blue. This depth of colour is truly timeless. This is why it is the brick of choice once again for outstanding architecture.


  • 230 Regular - 230mm long x 76mm high
  • 230 Low Regular - 230mm long x 50mm high
  • All bricks are 110mm wide


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