Dry Pressed Common Bricks.

Dry Pressed Common bricks are a quality, cost effective brick.

Not all bricks turn out the way we plan. These seconds are known as commons. They are face bricks with some kind of imperfection. This might be chipped corner, crack or slight deformation. These imperfections can be to your advantage. They are still a full strength brick. Additionally, they are perfect for use in areas that areas where the brick is not seen. If you are looking for an imperfect texture to your wall, commons are a great choice.

Dry pressed commons are a solid brick, making them great for adding thermal mass to internal walls. Why not paint them to get that on trend look?

They can also be used for paving. We can treat the bricks with a silicone which makes them water repellent and moss resistant.


  • 230 Regular - 230mm long x 76mm high x 110mm wide


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