This is truly a beautiful brick. Benbulla sits in the sweet spot. In the land between the red and the brown. It is mysterious and off key. An ambiguous colour, that continues to shift and delight as the light changes through the day and seasons.

Dry pressed in the traditional way from locally sourced clay, the magic happens with the addition of a touch of Manganite, creating mottled mid tones of red, brown and plum. Benbulla is perfect for new builds that want the classic Mid Century modern style with a 21st Century twist. Available in traditional and long skinny sizes, ensure you nail this uber look.


  • 230 Standard - 230mm wide | 76mm high | 110mm deep
  • 230 Lowline - 230mm wide | 50mm high | 110mm deep
  • 350 Skinny - 350mm wide | 65mm high | 110mm deep
  • 350 Linear - 350mm wide | 76mm high | 110mm deep


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