Wood Fired Cream

The sandy warmth of our Wood Fired Cream Bricks ensures they are always in fashion.

This solid dry pressed brick has a real sense of quality about it. The subtle shifts in hue from wheaten to sand and pale terracotta are really pleasing. They are again becoming the brick of choice for cutting edge architecture. Demonstrated with attitude in this uber cool conversation pit by Neeson Murcott Architect in their Coastal Garden house. Wood Fired Creme Bricks are the perfect choice for creating at light, beach side feel.

Photography by Luc Remond and Brett Broadman. Used with permission from Neeson Murcutt Architects.
Coastal Garden House by Neeson Murcutt Architects 
Builder: GNC 
Landscape: 360 Degrees


  • Standard brick - 230mm wide | 76mm high | 110mm deep
  • Skinny brick - 230mm wide | 50mm high | 110mm deep
  • Long skinny brick - 350mm wide | 65mm high | 110mm deep
  • Long skinny brick - 350mm wide | 76mm high | 110mm deep


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