Reno Blend Recycled Bricks

Every brick tells a story. Our Reno Blend Recycled Bricks have a wonderful tale to tell.

Reno Blend is and eclectic mix of bricks. Many of the bricks are taken from our old kiln that has been in use since the 1970’s. They have a wonderful patina that can not be faked with new bricks. They have been exposed to over 40 years of firing and exposure to the elements. We add to this a selection of commons. These are seconds in appearance only. Their quality is first rate. The commons usually have interesting imperfections that add character. Furthermore, all the bricks in this blend are dry pressed. This creates a quality brick that is solid and has a granulated texture that is tactile and pleasing.

If you want to nail the recycled brick look, use Reno Blend.


  • 230 Regular - 230mm long x 76mm high x 110mm wide


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