Hand Made Bricks

Lincoln Brickworks is one of the last brick manufacturers in Australia that can still produce hand made bricks. No matter what the brick you are trying to match, Lincoln Brickworks can produce it for you. We are experts in producing bricks for restoration and heritage projects.

Custom hand made extruded bricks.

An extruded brick is produced by clay being pushed through a form to create the brick shape. This from can be custom made to prodcue a special shape, curve or radius. This process also allows for a smooth, textured, velour or scratch face finish.  In addition to this, the extruded brick being a wet clay, allows us to hand cut each brick to a unique shape is required or for small quantites. 

 Special dry pressed brick shapes

For over 60 years, Lincoln Brickworks has been custom making dry pressed bricks by hand. For architects, designers, developers and homeowners to their exact specifications. Whatever brick shape you need, we can create the best brick solution for you. From bullnose, cant and squints, to radius bricks, arch bricks, stretcher and splays.

Custom dry pressed bricks.

Lincoln Brickworks will custom make the right brick shape for you. Hand crafting special brick shapes is what Lincoln Bricks is renowned for. We hand make our bricks in standard and custom shapes to complement both traditional heritage style buildings and unique contemporary designs.

See our brick shapes page for images on our various shapes

Hand made process

Each brick is checked and stacked by hand and fired in wood fired kilns. This fuel source is a waste product from the local timber mill and is supplemented with waste oil from food outlets and garages. This wood fired process ensures a natural, mottled variation depending on where the brick is in the stack and its location to the fuel source. 


All of our bespoke hand made bricks are availabe in our full range of collours. This includes Blue Mottle, Dark Classic Mottle, Classic Mottle, Apricot, Ashfiled Grey, Bakers Ebony, Benbulla, Central Red, Wood Fired Cream, and Regency Red.


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