Green Bricks

Unfired bricks are referred to as ‘green’ bricks and are the natural brown-grey colour of unfired clay.

We proudly supply green bricks to specialist in alternative building technologies such as straw bale construction, where they are used to achieve thermal mass in internal walls. Traditionally, to achieve thermal mass, walls were filled with cob, which is a mixture of compressed clay and straw. This technique is not only labour intensive but can take 2-3 months to dry, produce fungus and is prone to sprouting!

Using green bricks is a healthier, faster and cheaper option than the traditional cob method. It is also great for owner builders as they can lay the bricks themselves. The green brick walls are held up between timber studs and are finished with a beautiful clay render. 

Additionally, our customers claim that the clay acts as a shield from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that leaks from electrical cables, switches and fittings. The green brick wall easily accepts conduit. 

As green bricks are carbon neutral and natural, they are a very green way of construction.


  • 230 Standard - 230mm wide | 76mm high | 110mm deep
  • 230 Lowline - 230mm wide | 50mm high | 110mm deep
  • 350 Skinny - 350mm wide | 65mm high | 110mm deep
  • 350 Linear - 350mm wide | 76mm high | 110mm deep


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