Classic Mottle

Classic Mottle is a perfect fit for new builds and restorations projects alike. With its orange brown tones, this stylish brick will give your building a warm, welcoming feel.

Classic Mottle is an excellent match for a lot of Sydney heritage homes. They match the ‘Chocolate Mottle’ and ‘Shorthorn’ bricks that were made at the old Austral Eastwood Brickworks.  The Eastwood Brickworks manufactured bricks throughout the 20th Century and are in many Federation and Californian Bungalows.  They have a beautiful mottle colour variation. In addition to this, our Classic Mottle is a solid dry pressed brick, made on the same type of machinery as the originals.


  • 230 Standard - 230mm wide | 76mm high | 110mm deep
  • 230 Lowline - 230mm wide | 50mm high | 110mm deep
  • 350 Skinny - 350mm wide | 65mm high | 110mm deep
  • 350 Linear - 350mm wide | 76mm high | 110mm deep


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