Bakers Ebony

Our Bakers Ebony is a chic brick perfect for new builds. It’s beautiful dark to mid tones and intriguing mottled variation will give any building a stylish and modern edge.

With clays sourced locally, this red burning clay has at touch of manganese added to it, giving it a chocolate-brown hue. Fired in a cooler, clean burning kiln ensures a quality face brick. Bakers Ebony distinctive mottle is created depending on where the bricks are in the stack. The higher bricks being slightly hotter produce a different colour to the lower. Consequently, they don’t look like homogeneous lego.

Manufactured on traditional machinery, the time honoured dry pressed technique ensures a solid brick. This quality is matched by the wonderful granular texture that is a hallmark of this process.

Featured project: Raymond Terrace Healthone 
Architecture by SHAC:


  • 230 Regular - 230mm long x 76mm high
  • 230 Low Regular - 230mm long x 50mm high
  • 350 Slender - 350mm long x 76mm high
  • 350 Low Slender - 350mm long x 65mm high
  • All bricks are 110mm wide


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