Ashfield Bricks are perfect for matching common bricks used on many heritage homes. In the early days of Sydney, many of the bricks were made from ‘Ashfield Shale’, the seam of clay named after the suburb of Ashfield.

These bricks were know as ‘commons’ and were used on the back of many Victorian, Federation and Californian Bungalow homes. Our Ashfield Brick matches these perfectly.

They  have a distinctive colour variance know as ‘Hearting’. This is a natural process that occurs when the brick is fired, but is not exposed directly to the flame, as it was inside the stack when placed in the kiln. (If the brick face is exposed to the flame an even colour is produced and this is referred to as a ‘Face Brick’). They also feature a distinctive charcoal speckle. The original Ashfield Shale was high in carbon and when fired, would produce this characteristic fleck.

At Lincoln Brickworks, we manufacture our bricks in the same way as the original bricks found in Sydney and surrounds. They are dry pressed which means they are strong, first quality and hard wearing. They also have the same granular texture as many historic bricks.  If you are wanting to find a brick to match your heritage home, our Ashfield range is perfect.


  • 230 Standard - 230mm wide | 76mm high | 110mm deep
  • 230 Lowline - 230mm wide | 50mm high | 110mm deep
  • 350 Skinny - 350mm wide | 65mm high | 110mm deep
  • 350 Linear - 350mm wide | 76mm high | 110mm deep

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