Brick Shapes

Special brick shapes

Hand crafting special brick shapes is what Lincoln Bricks is renowned for. We hand make our bricks in standard and custom shapes to complement both traditional heritage style buildings and unique contemporary designs.

When you’ve looked far and wide but can’t find the special brick shapes you need, call Lincoln Brickworks and we’ll custom make the right brick shape for you.

For over 60 years, Lincoln Brickworks has been custom making dry pressed bricks, by hand, for architects, designers, developers and homeowners to their exact specifications. Whatever brick shape you need, we will create the best brick solution for you. From bullnose, cant and squints, to radius bricks, arch bricks, stretcher and splays.

Contact Michael Baker at Lincoln Brickworks on +61 400 648 108 to see some samples or get more information, or simply scroll through our extensive range of specialty brick shapes below.

Single cant stop

Single cant 162

Single cant

Single bullnose stop

Single bullnose

Radial stretcher

Plinth stretcher

Plinth header

Plinth external return

Double cant stop

Double cant external return

Double cant

Double bullnose stop

Double bullnose internal return

Double bullnose

Culvert stretcher

Culvert header

Bullnose stretcher

45 degree squint